Membership Base

The active membership of the Berks Lodge #71 is drawn from over 40 law enforcement agencies throughout Berks County. An even greater number of municipalities are represented and served by these departments.


The purpose of the Berks Lodge #71 is found within the Constitution of the Lodge. This purpose consists of four distinct, yet related, roles.


The lodge hosts and participates in various events throughout the year. Some events are restricted to active members; some are open to active and associate members; and others are available for the general public.


The officers of the lodge include executive board members and trustees who are dedicated to fulfilling and carrying out the mission and purpose of the lodge.

Social Club

Berks County's only law enforcement-owned social club, affectionately known as The Pig Pen, is the home to the Berks Lodge #71. The lodge moved into its permanent home in the Spring of 2008.